11-12 January 2022 Monterey Bay, California


GeoBuiz 2022 report will capture the unique growth story of the geospatial market with respect to its global and regional distribution, size, business value, and global and regional economic impact. The report, based on one-on-one interactions with industry leaders and users of geospatial technology and due secondary diligence, will provide answers to the following five key questions –

  • What is the current (FY 2021) and potential market (up to 2026) size of the geospatial industry - by region and by technology and what is the the impact of the pandemic on the geospatial market?
  • What are the key political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental (PESTLE) and business factors which will drive the geospatial industry’s growth?
  • What are the socio-economic impact and return on investment of geospatial technologies and their implementation across varied economic sectors (AEC, Business Intelligence, and traditional sectors) and regions?
  • Why and how can countries transition from a generic spatial data infrastructure to a geospatial knowledge infrastructure (GKI) tomorrow?
  • How do 75 countries fare in the countries geospatial readiness index (CGRI), and which countries hold leadership in the strategic geospatial readiness index?

The report will also bring forth business trends, investment and funding trends, and an industry map of the geospatial industry ecosystem. It will provide businesses and governments alike with demonstrable evidence of the broader value of unlocking geospatial capabilities and set out key implications, suggestions, and ambitions to spearhead the shared vision of increasing the adaptability and adaptability of geospatial information and technology.