Plenary Panels

Geospatial Industry Outlook and Business Directions
  • Global geospatial industry and technology segments market size
  • Merger and acquisition trends in geospatial industry
  • Evolving business models and value chain
  • Industry growth drivers with significant impact in digital revolution
Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure and Circular Economy
  • Integration of Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure in the wider digital ecosystem
  • Resilience and continuity of PNT services
  • The role of Geospatial Infrastructure in National Digital Twin strategy
  • Collective impact and value of Geospatial Infrastructure in Circular Economy
GeoConvergence: Adding Spatial Dimension to Business Models
  • Expanding Location industry value chain and landscape
  • Shared economy business model creating new frontier
  • Dynamic disruption in location-based advertising and marketing
  • Location adding competitive advantage to BI platforms
Collaborative Opportunities for Space Infrastructure and Geospatial Value Chain
  • Enhancing Space industry collaborative opportunities with IT, Geospatial and primary industries driving economy
  • Greater need of collaborative value chain between Space upstream and downstream industry
  • Space infrastructure integration with user workflows in diverse industries: energy, infrastructure, defense, cities, water, etc.
GeoBIM: Advancing Sustainable Infrastructure and Digital Cities
  • GEO-BIM collaboration through innovation
  • GEO-BIM integration empowering sustainable infrastructure design and construction
  • Multi-dimensional approach of Digital Twins for Digital Cities
Geospatial Infrastructure: Empowering HD Mapping & Autonomous
  • Mapping in the age of autonomy
  • The future of HD maps beyond autonomous driving
  • Advancement in AI, IoT and sensor fusion for real-time HD map update
GeoIntelligence and Evolving World Order
  • Geo-intelligence gaining greater significance in global defense and security
  • Evolving geo-political environment
  • Engagement and partnership with commercial geospatial industry
Investors: Connecting Value Chain of Geospatial and Space
  • Investor community (re)defining value chain of space and geospatial industries
  • The evolving Space economy and investment trends
  • The surge in Space and Geospatial startups obtaining financing globally