Pre-Conference Workshop on

Public-Private Partnership: Delivering Next-Gen Geospatial Infrastructure

10 January 2022 | 10.00AM – 12.30PM


Demand for geospatial knowledge is growing exponentially and so as the associated vulnerabilities and security challenges. Increasing role of private sector in defining and delivering next generation geospatial infrastructure seems to be inevitable, paving the way for qualitative engagement between leadership representing public agencies and commercial companies.

Pre-Conference Workshop on ‘Public-Private Partnership: Delivering Next-Gen Geospatial Infrastructure’ aims to explore new ways for industry to partner with government across the geospatial ecosystem, in order to define new value-based partnerships built upon co-creation and value-sharing of derived geospatial knowledge.


Defining Geospatial Knowledge Stakeholders and Scope of Collaborations
  • Collaborative opportunities with broader geospatial knowledge ecosystem
  • Cross-sector market development
Innovative Geospatial Knowledge Co-creation and Value-sharing
  • Capitalizing on data and knowledge exchange between organizations
  • Partnerships among data providers, analytics service providers and end-user organizations
  • Government procurement and tax regulation for innovative knowledge co-creation partnerships
PPP in Evolving Digital Ecosystem
  • New governance of Big Data – government regulations and private innovations
  • Cloud-based solutions to reduce partnership risk and cost
  • Partnership with larger 4IR industry ecosystem

This workshop is by invitation with limited seating capacity. Kindly write to for any queries.