A Thought Leadership Engagement Series


Geospatial Media and Communications – a premier geospatial knowledge company is organizing a series of thought leadership virtual meetngs known as GeoBuiz Engage. These discussions will be held with stakeholders across North America, Europe and Asia regions with the purpose of understanding the geospatial industry and stakeholder’s perspectives, business directions, technology advancements, overall market and user behavior. Through these discussions, analysis will be drawn on industry trends around geospatial data capture, evolving application and analytics; technology drivers in terms of Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Location Intelligence, Business Intelligence and the role of geospatial enabled digital ecosystem in sectors like architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) enterprises, and Defence and Internal Security.

COVID – 19 pandemic has and continues to transform the growth of geospatial industry with a varied impact on various sectors. While few industries have registered a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and will show promising growth opportunities. The world moving towards having a solution in days – not weeks or months – needs a robust and agile geospatial infrastructure. As the world opens up, there is a lot of focus on building and strengthening geospatial infrastructure.

In the current situation of disruption it is important to understand the unique impact it is having and the distinct needs of government and business. The knowledge derived from the discussions at the GeoBuiz engage series will be presented in the form of the annual GeoBuiz Report on Geospatial Industry Outlook. The discussions will be divided into five different themes, including - architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), Geospatial Infrastructure, Defence and Internal Security, Autonomous + AI and Location. This is an exclusive invitation based virtual meetings and invited participants from these regions/segments are encouraged to join these virtual meetings to share their thoughts, insights and ideas with Geospatial Media.

The agenda is as follows:

Asia Pacific

13thNov Geospatial Infrastructure

About GeoBuiz Report

GeoBuiz Report presents an annual analysis of the geospatial industry fabric, the location intelligence market dynamics, geospatial market in the AEC, Water, Agriculture, etc industries and a comparative appraisal of 50 countries on their geospatial preparedness, i.e. the Countries Geospatial Readiness Index The report presents a harmonized and in-depth analysis of the geospatial industry, and its relevance covering technologies, infrastructure, policies, drivers, users, challenges, trends and innovations.

About Geospatial Media and Communications

Geospatial Media & Communications is an internationally recognized organization that is committed to serving the stakeholders of the geospatial community. It aims to facilitate collaboration, and demonstrate the value and benefits of geospatial technology for organizations, governments and citizens. Its flagship products include GeospatialWorld.net, Geospatial World Forum, and GeoBuiz Report and Countries Geospatial Readiness Index (CGRI).

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