The utility industry is undergoing a major digital transformation and the companies in the sector (electric, water, gas, sub-surface infrastructure) are experiencing a need to make changes in critical areas of their operation, particularly in the field where workers are still relying on outdated technology to solve today’s challenges.

Automation and digitization of workflows improve efficiency by reducing data redundancy, reducing errors, and boosting productivity among others. For the enterprise systems to function optimally, overcoming challenges in the standardization of field data—including vast amounts of geospatial data from multiple data sources— is critical to performing infrastructure inspections, maintenance, repairs, and other routine tasks.

To overcome many of the challenges, utility providers are turning to digital technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, AI and Machine Learning, 5G-enabled Mobile Devices, GNSS, and Autonomous Systems to help manage their geospatial data for utility mapping and spatial analysis to gain a competitive edge.

What we see today, with the rapid advancements of such innovative technologies, is the proverbial tip of the iceberg—their enormous potential is yet to unfold.

The Deep Dive Session on Utility is designed to promote best practices and spur innovation in the Utilities sector by combining the power of geospatial information with other digital technologies.

Key Discussion Topics

Optimizing Asset Inspection and Maintenance with Geotech
Revitalizing Electric Utilities: Using Geospatial Solutions to Manage, Modernize, and Strategize
Location Intelligence for Water Utilities (Water, Stormwater, Wastewater)
Unlocking Business Value with Geospatial Analytics for Telecom Industry
Sub-surface Utilities Infrastructure