The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), signed into law by President Biden on November 15, 2021, promises an eye-popping sum of $1.2 trillion in investments to improve America’s ageing infrastructure. It will have far-reaching benefits especially when the economy is on the brink of a recession and the country is staring at a climate crisis.

The questions that arise, regarding how the trillion plus dollars will be utilized, are many. What are the infrastructure sectors that need maximum attention? How should the money be spent — upgrades, maintenance, or repairs? What are the investments that will have maximum impact? Which are the communities that need it the most?

The answer lies in the power of digital mapping.

Hear industry and government experts address the above questions and talk about the digital technologies that have given a boost to mapping and spatial analytics, simplifying workflows across industries by making it easy for stakeholders to pin-point the efficiencies and deficiencies in the processes.

Business value, after all, lies in understanding the tangible and intangible elements that determine the health and well-being of a firm and the economy in general.

Key Discussion Topics

Cloud, Big Data, AI & ML: Connecting data, processes, and teams for infrastructure projects
Socio-economic Value of Geospatial Information for Infrastructure Sector: Planning, design, construction, operations, asset management and maintenance, safety and security
Building Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure to Combat Climate Crisis
Geospatial infrastructure and BIM adoption in AEC sector: Value proposition, vulnerabilities, and opportunities (including discussions on Standards, Interoperability, and Policies)
Digital Twins: The building blocks of new-age infrastructure development
Intelligent Mobility: The future of transportation
Simplifying Maps with Smart Apps: Digitalizing city services for all (Health Services, Transport Services, Utilities, Governance/City Services, Recreation, Emergency Response, Public Safety)
Metaverse: What lies ahead