New Space

Evolving Business Models: Where is the Money?

The combination of decreased cost and increased capabilities is unleashing a plethora of opportunities in the earth observation sector beyond the traditional defense and security market. From monitoring pollution and agriculture to tracking commercial shipping, to insurance to thermal mapping of cities, satellites are playing a bigger role in our lives than ever before.

Miniaturization and Innovations in Sensors

Innovations such as the use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology for space applications are driving down costs, even as a diverse range of miniature sensors are bringing in greater spatial resolution, higher temporal cadence and richer spectral coverage.

Advancements in Data Processing and Transmission

Trends like ground station as a service, innovations in technology are leading to faster data transfer from space

Analytics: Handling all these Yottabytes

What will make the sea of data coming from all these satellites ever more powerful is the ability to process them in large quantities. There simply would be too much data and not enough eyes to look through it if we couldn’t store it in the Cloud, use edge computing to process quickly and deploy Machine Learning algorithms for automated extraction of information.