GEOBIM Empowering Digitalization of Engineering and Construction Workflows

Integrated BIM and geospatial solutions are enabling computational models and advanced analytics to improve construction lifecycle. The panel shall discuss a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary GEOBIM software empowers digitalization, reduces overall costs, provides better visualization to create an uber digital model of engineering and construction workflows.

Strategic Collaborations to Advance Infrastructure Development

BIM and geospatial technology firms are collaborating to redefine the purpose and potential of GEOBIM workflows – for design, analytical and construction modeling. The panel shall discuss the value proposition of strategic collaborations among different industries to provide comprehensive solutions to the AEC community.

What’s next in Digital Twins and BIM?

Asset centric organizations are converging their engineering and IT technologies to create immersive experiences for Digital Twins to have moved beyond BIM. The panel for this session will explore the advancement of BIM and sensors in deploying Digital Twins, and the future innovations and investment trends for developing the next generation of ‘living’ digital models.

ConTech – The future of the Built Environment

The ConTech (Construction technology) ecosystem is inclusive of data-driven technologies, construction management software, cloud-based software, IoT, geospatial and BIM will vastly improve project efficiency and promote stakeholder accountability. The panel will discuss the next-generation ConTech and innovative solutions advancing and revolutionizing the built environment.

Multi-dimensional aspects of GEOBIM for Underground Infrastructure

The underground is a complex environment holding significant utility and infrastructure assets. The panel shall discuss the role of BIM in integrating multi-sourced data to create a utility-infrastructure conflict matrix and to incorporate intelligent and 3D-feature based models of underground infrastructure to deliver a successful construction and regeneration project.