GEOBUIZ 2018: Global Geospatial Industry Outlook & Readiness Index


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Global Geospatial Industry Outlook

Geospatial in Evolving Digital Ecosystem

The geospatial technology ecosystem has well evolved over the years and is broadly segmented into four categories: GNSS and Positioning, GIS and Spatial Analytics, Earth Observation and 3D Scanning. With advent of the digital age, relevance of geospatial information and technology continues to build on its growth momentum, adding spatial dimensions to all business processes. The traditional silos segmenting geospatial functionalities are being dissolved, with more and more spatial integration driven by digital technologies. This integration is shortening the time lag between data capture, processing, analysis and delivery of a unified picture of the real world. As the digital world empowers the geospatial ecosystem, and vice-versa, there shall be new opportunities, productivity improvements, and cost savings to realize.

Source: Geospatial Media Analysis
Global Geospatial Market

GeoBuiz Report 2018 estimated the global Geospatial Market to be around USD 300 Billion estimated to grow around 15% CAGR attracting significant attention and attraction from mainstream IT and Engineering players and subsequently also seen as an enabler of innovative business models integrating location into business process of major IT solutions across enterprise.

The 2018 edition presented the unprecedented growth the geospatial industry market is witnessing globally, with high double-digit growth in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South African regions. However, overall engine of geospatial industry growth as well as its readiness to meet current and future demands remains with North America, a region that will continue to maintain its market dominance riding on proactive initiatives to enhance commercialization within the industry segments and innovation led economic development model.

Geospatial Technologies: Global Market Size
Source: Geospatial Media Analysis
Geospatial Market: Region-wise Growth
Source: Geospatial Media Analysis

GeoBuiz Report 2019: Geospatial market is broadly categorized in three well defined verticals. First being core geospatial information infrastructure community dealing primarily with production and utilization of 3D maps of varied resolutions. Second, geospatial enabled IT platforms delivering location based services; and thirdly geospatial embedded engineering workflows covering manufacturing, automation and constructions market.

GeoBuiz Report 2019 edition will capture the unique growth story of geospatial market in terms of its global distribution, size and business value. GeoBuiz Report 2019 will be released at the GeoBuiz Summit.

GeoBuiz Summit: Is a unique B2B platform of business leaders to share, deliberate and collaborate towards enhancing geospatial value and its impact in world economy and society, which will bring together global leaders from the following industries:

Geospatial Industry I Technology companies and Startups System Integrators I Digital Design and Engineering companies I Location Enabled Information Technology Companies I National Geospatial Agencies I Investors Incubation units I Entertainment and Media industry Development and Multilateral Organizations

This is the venue to get insights from GeoBuiz Report 2019, 'fresh out of the oven'. It is also provides:

  • Deliberations on firsthand accounts from business leaders
  • Fresh perspectives, valuable business insights, and predictions led by industry stalwarts
  • Strategic insights to improve the way you do business & make informed decisions
  • In-depth industry analysis, constantly evolving business scenario, user behavior and market trends
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  • Understanding of key developmental issues that impact lives of millions around the world and how technology can respond to make a difference
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