14-15 January, 2019
Hotel Intercontinental, San Francisco, CA, USA
How is the space industry value chain benefiting from innovations in the domain?

Space Industry Innovations and Business Directions

How the location information is improving business decision making at enterprises across functions?

Location Empowering Business Intelligence

How the geospatial policies can contribute empowering innovations in the era of 4IR?

Geospatial Policies, Innovations and Commercialisation Leveraging Business Value Chain

How the collaborations with emerging digital technology players are adding to increased democratisation of geospatial industry?

Disruptive Technologies: Extending Market Value Chain for Geospatial Industry

How geospatial integration with industry workflows be by default?

Geospatial Embedded Industry Solutions and Workflow Management

How can US public and private sector benefit from an integrated geospatial policy environment?

Round table: US Geospatial Policies and Industry Engagements

How can geospatial enhance real impact in implementing SDGS?

Geospatial Knowledge: Adding Spatial Dimension to SDG Movement

How lucrative are geospatial startups for investors?

Investors Perspectives and Engagement with Geospatial Industry

What value benefits can be harnessed with collaborations between management consulting firms and geospatial industry?

Round table: Consultants and Geospatial Industry engagements

200+ Delegates


GeoBuiz Summit is a two-day confluence of IT and geospatial industry stalwarts, facing the rising tide of innovation, addressing a broad array of issues impacting businesses, innovation and governance dynamics. The Summit will incorporate a power-packed agenda comprising of presentations, panel discussions, social events designed to ensure collective learning and idea generation, networking and collaboration opportunities.


GeoBuiz 2018 Report Geospatial Industry Outlook and Readiness Index Geospatial Media & Communications presents the 2nd edition of the comprehensive report which is a collective, harmonized and in-depth analysis of the geospatial industry covering technologies, infrastructure, policies, drivers, users, challenges, trends and innovations.


Space Industry Innovations and Business Directions
Location Empowering Business Intelligence
Geospatial Policies, Innovations and Commercialization Leveraging Business Value Chain
Disruptive Technologies: Extending Market Value Chain for Geospatial Industry
Geospatial Embedded Industry Solutions and Workflow Management
Innovation, Economy and Society: In vestors Perspectives and Dimensions
Geospatial Knowledge: Adding Spatial Dimension to SDG Movement


C-level and senior executives from
Geospatial Industry
Technology companies and Start ups
System Integrators
Digital Design and Engineering companies
National Geospatial Agencies
Incubation units
Gaming, Entertainment and Media industry
Multilateral Organizations


Jack Dangermond


Dr. Scott Pace

Executive Secretary
National Space Council

Stefan Schweinfest

United Nations Statistical Division

Steven Berglund

President and CEO

Chair and Moderators

Amar Hanspal

Board Member

Barbara Ryan

Group on Earth Observations

Greg Scott

Inter-Regional Advisor
UN-GGIM, United Nations

Jeff Tarr

Co-Chair, Future of Space Technologies, World Economic Forum
Vice Chairman, Stanford Graduate School of Business Management Board
Senior Advisor, TPG Capital


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  • Hear firsthand accounts from business leaders and plan your own path
  • Learn some fresh perspectives, valuable business insights, and predictions led by business stalwarts
  • Improve the way you do business – gain strategy insights & make informed decisions
  • Learn in depth industry analysis – constantly evolving business scenario, user behavior and market trends
  • Expand your network and build your business
  • Understand key developmental issues that impact lives of millions around the world and how businesses can respond to make a difference
  • Establish new collaborations and tie ups that help your business grow and for industry to prosper


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Democratization of data, not of any data, but high-quality data, is required. focus on high quality, high-resolution data in 3d and making it available to people will open up unforeseen value and opportunities."

FRANCOIS LOMBARD Head of Intelligence, Airbus Defence and Space, France

Geo-enabling the 4IR is inevitable since by combining the imageries of the planet that are now available in abundance and the computing capabilities that 4IR is showering us with, the industry can get equipped with the power to detect changes, and answer all sorts of business questions which were earlier not possible."

Amy Minnick Sr. Vice President, DigitalGlobe, USA

Geo-enabling 4IR is actually taking many many many many many many different systems and interconnecting them. GIS is actually becoming a system of systems. This will help us realize the idea of smart and 4IR."

Dean Angelides Corporate Director International/Alliances/Partners, Esri, USA

Cloud is dramatic and in next five years it is going to be as dramatic as the Internet. Also, geospatial data & technologies can play a big role if we think of a business model around the concept of data security."

Jim Steiner Vice President - Server Technologies, Oracle, USA

Geospatial is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. Spatial analytics is enabling the world to take better informed decisions. The world is using a lot of technologies but lot is yet to be done."

Maj Gen Girish Kumar Surveyor General, Survey of India

Fundamental purpose technology. Without it any economy cannot function efficiently. The industry needs to go from system of records to system of engagement."

Nigel Clifford Former CEO, Ordnance Survey, UK

We need all kinds of data for sustainable development, and geospatial information is an important driver in this."

Stefan Schweinfest Director, United Nations Statistics Division