Conference Overview

With the successful execution of a novel initiative, GeoBuiz Summit 2015 has been able to mark its presence amongst the geospatial industry of the country. The summit, with its very first edition was able to present the big picture of the ever-growing geospatial industry and by touching upon convergence, innovation and integration of technology.

Technology and business environment is in constant transformation, offering exciting opportunities and greater challenges at the same time. Geospatial community is an enabler and probably a significant beneficiary as well of this transformation. Information, communication, and engineering technologies have been relentlessly disrupting industrial fabric and adding new dimensions to the value and utility of geospatial information and practices, in a sense creating a geographical language of communication between policies, processes and practices. This in turn is enabling, reorganizing and redefining the composition, character and the business models of the industry. GeoBuiz Summit is an innovative platform that brings industry stalwarts together to discuss, share and channelize knowledge, intelligence and understanding about the evolving trends, market behavior, and facilitate collaboration and partnerships towards sharing business objectives and professional advancements.