The geospatial industry is constantly evolving. Currently, it is working to become a value-based solution-centric industry. Several partners, who were originally working as standalone players, are now exploring opportunities of integration, merging, and embedment. This is happening as a result of users needing multilayer modeling of information acquired from multiple web-based sources with almost real-time data, which both businesses and citizens can access through mobile platforms. This need for highly accurate, precise, and almost real-time information makes it necessary for those in the fields of technology, business, policy, and user domains to work together to provide this data. Today, the impacting industry workflows and seamless delivery of solutions encourages the widespread use of geospatial content, resulting in a positive impact on the world economy and society.

In its mission to promote the ongoing convergence of innovation and integration of technology, Geospatial Media is hosting GeoBuiz 2015. GeoBuiz is a two-day conference on Technology Innovation, Business Trends and Directions, Industry Solutions, and Policies and Programs. This conference will be held in Bethesda, Maryland, from 10-11 August 2015. The conference will provide a common platform where leaders from policy making agencies, user organizations, technology companies, and academic institutions will be able to share, learn, deliberate, collaborate, and provide business and technology direction to the geospatial community of the United States.