Indian Geospatial Economy Report 2018

  • How big is the Indian geospatial economy and its various sub segments?
  • How has the Indian geospatial market evolved since FY2014-15 and projections till FY2020-21?
  • What is the Indian geospatial market size by user segments (infrastructure, utilities, urban development, water resources & irrigation, BFSI, mining and oil & gas, etc.)?
  • What is the Indian geospatial market size by technology segments (GNSS, Earth Observation, GIS/spatial analytics, 3D and LiDAR scanning)?
  • What are the geospatial opportunities in key national projects in various user segments and in Indian states?
  • What are the challenges at the user adoption level?
  • What is the policy and governance structure, technology integration, national geospatial agencies landscape in India?

Report Pricing

User Category User License Cost Benefits
Indian Buyer Single INR 30,000 Single User License + 1 hard copy report
Multiple INR 50,000 Up to 3 User License + 1 hard copy report
Overseas Buyer Single USD 1,000 Single User License
Multiple USD 1,500 Up to 3 User License
Note: Costs are exclusive of GST. Additional hard copies are available for an additional INR 2,000 for Indian addresses only

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